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    Show running in the Sunshine

    作者:陽光下奔跑的雪 來源:文章閱讀網 時間:2019-08-12 17:03 閱讀:

      Morning Essays


      Snow Running in the Sunshine


      I am not a writer, but I always write down that unspoken feelings and dreams in words。


      I am no longer eighteen years old, but I have always maintained that pure feeling and enthusiasm。


      Spring returns to summer, spring returns to spring, and this sultry summer, this miss wakes up my dream。


      The wind and rain outside the window, I still want to sleep but do not go to sleep。


      I think one day I will thank my life for the cleanliness and past。


      Perhaps life is a process of pursuit。 Some people say that life is a play, true or false for a lifetime。 And I want to say that life is a practice。 No matter where you are, people are looking for that dream in their hearts。


      I don't want to know, the world is right and wrong, but personally saw the secular。 I wanted to stay out, but I couldn't escape the dust。


      Perhaps, only their own nest can find such a rich feeling。 Perhaps that brilliant five or six points is my daily outlet of inspiration。


      Last year's spring and summer, how many words, poetry out of this point。 I am not tired, happy not to think of Shu in the morning, opened my literary dream。 I don't want to write earth-shaking headlines, but I also unconsciously fulfilled my literary dream。 I don't want to know if some dreams can come true, but I believe that today we are working hard for our dreams, we will not leave regrets。 In the future, you must thank yourself for what you are now。 In an age of ease, choose courage and perseverance。 Be the most authentic person you are。 In this limited remaining

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